Culot Alice

2800 RUR


We are happy to present the spring-summer 2020 collection in the new ORIGINAL ED EDITION line.
The appeal of these models is that they will please you for many years in a fashionable way, high-quality tailoring. In the manufacture of clothing, we use trendy fabrics from leading brands.
Elegant chic is provided for you, opening the wardrobe from FOOD, you always have a complete image and a great mood. -Yes, the main thing - affordable prices!
Culottes in a light pink shade, a beautiful tone that can easily create a stylish image for fashionistas of any age.

The style of trousers, later called "culottes", first saw the light in the early 30s of the last century. The model was designed specifically for an important tennis tournament, and for several years was incredibly popular among English noble ladies.
Then culottes were forgotten for a long time, and only in the 90s they returned to fashion again-but only for a few seasons. This year, culottes are one of the most relevant things that everyone who wants to be in line with the latest fashion trends is trying to get.
One of the fundamental rules of fashion States that a wide bottom should be worn with a narrowed top, and Vice versa.


Modal-74%, cotton-26%